Halon Financial Accountant Training: Practice Management

Practice Management

Run your firm with these strategies and tools.

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Practice Management is more than just an idea, it is the heart of your business.  Good practice management will define your success and often be the difference between a small, limited business or a growing and thriving firm.

This module starts to take you inside what it is like to be a fly on the wall at my firm.  We cover workflows, staffing, communications and much more.  This is the module where you will organize your day-to-day work and start thinking about how to grow into the new staff you will by hiring.

We also begin introducing quizzes in this module which you must have a passing score of 70% or higher to receive credit for the module towards your certification with Halon, so make sure you watch every video start to finish, and pass the quiz because if not, you will have to go back and finish.  

I think you are going to really like this one, lets jump in and get started...

Christopher Ragain, CPA
Christopher Ragain, CPA
Founder, Halon Tax

About the instructor

Christopher Ragain, CPA will guide you through several aspects of running your business utilizing Halon Tax.  Christopher develops several accounting applications and is the founder of Ragain Financial Inc.  A full-service CPA firm with over 400 small business clients.  The modules in the Small Business University are developed from years of learning what works and what does not in running small accounting practices.

What's included?

9 Videos
5 Quizzes