Halon Financial Accountant Training: Marketing 101

Halon Financial Accountant Training

The required instruction to be accepted to the Halon Financial Accountant Program

The Halon Financial Accountant Training Courses are the required curriculum and exams to earn the Certified Halon Tax Advisor Credential.  

The Certified Halon Tax Advisor Credential (CHTA) allows for access to Halon Tax software discounts, Halon Defender, use of the Halon CPA Tax Team, and much more.

Inside the course you will learn the key elements of providing financial accounting to S-corporations as well as cutting edge marketing strategies and practice management workflows.

The course outline:

  • Marketing 101
  • Practice Management (Launch Date: March 2018)
  • Advanced Accounting I (Launch Date: April 2018)
  • Advanced Accounting II (Launch Date: June 2018)
  • Halon Tax Overview (Launch Date: July 2018)
  • Advanced Marketing (Launch Date: September 2018)

As courses are launched you will be notified.  Inside each lesson are also downloads, discussion groups, and more.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

Christopher Ragain, CPA
Christopher Ragain, CPA
Founder, Halon Tax

About the instructor

Christopher Ragain, CPA will guide you through several aspects of running your business utilizing Halon Tax.  Christopher develops several accounting applications and is the founder of Ragain Financial Inc.  A full-service CPA firm with over 400 small business clients.  The modules in the Small Business University are developed from years of learning what works and what does not in running small accounting practices.

What's included?

9 Videos
1 Multimedia